the uBox is a smart pillbox that helps you take medication, better.

One in Four

People prescribed pain medication long term will struggle with addiction

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Connect your Android or iOS device to set your medication schedule, and track your progress and wellness along the way.

Lock in the
right dose

For your safety -- and those around you -- we pioneered a reliable locking mechanism that ensures you only have access to the dose you need, when you need it.

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Custom Security

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Easy to Use

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Custom Alarms

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those who care

The uBox connects you to your health care providers and your inner circle.

You set when notifications are sent, and to whom.

...the uBox is a silent and trustworthy gatekeeper for your meds.

- Paul Michel, Tech Cocktail

Traveling from city to city? Crazy work schedule? Or just totally bad at remembering to take a medication? This one box makes your life just that much simpler, by relieving any stress that comes with forgetting to take a pill.

- Mayra, 24

my uBox is very easy to program whether it's time to refill or to change the time that I take my pill. I like that I will get an alert on my tablet notifying me that it's time to recharge.

- Patti, 50s

The biggest benefit for me is the stability. Before, I was forgetting once a week and many days I was taking my pills too late. Now it is so much better.

- Jean-Francois, 32

Manage and protect your medication

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picture of Sara, co-founder

Sara Cinnamon


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Sara is responsible for the mechanical design and development of the uBox, along with managing the business. Sara is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and training, and a caregiver by nature. After graduating from MIT with a Master’s in 2004, she has worked as a freelance engineer and product designer for a variety of leading technology companies in healthcare and consumer products. She is now dedicated to supporting as many people as possible with the uBox – both in the product's use, and breaking down the barriers and stigma that pervade mental health. She was recognized by the United Nations as one of Ten Women To Watch in 2014. Sara lives in San Francisco with her husband, and dogs Bunny & Billie.

picture of Goutam, co-founder

Goutam Reddy


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'Greddy' devised the overall architecture of the uBox system, including designing the electronics and firmware of the uBox and uKey. Greddy holds past EE design experience from working with the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab. He also has relevant developing-world experience from Developing World Prosthetics, a non-profit he co-founded to improve low-cost rehabilitation devices. Greddy received a Master’s (EECS) and dual-major Bachelor’s in Mathematics and EECS from MIT. He is deeply passionate about using the uBox to affect positive behavior change, and make an authentic impact on improving people’s health and lives. Greddy lives in Chicago, and enjoys kitesurfing and chai.